Cosmic Cowgirl

Cosmic Cowgirl, a Mulubinba-based selector, is a true groove enthusiast, igniting dancefloors with meticulously curated tracks that breathe life into the crowd. Her eclectic style spans high-energy house to breaks and beyond, embracing a genre-less approach that keeps her sets refreshingly unpredictable. With a penchant for wild selections, she has become a sought-after presence at top-notch local parties such as Lass Bash, Daydreaming, and Tunnel Vision, and has collaborated with collectives like 2ndimension, blank, and powderyournose. Get ready to be transported by her infectious good vibes and rhythms when she takes the stage at the 'Underground' exhibition.

Brayden Maybury

Brayden Maybury is a talented graphic designer and poster artist who skillfully blends modern grunge-inspired photography with the elegance of traditional Swiss graphic design and illustration. The result is a captivating collection of minimalistic and edgy poster art that leaves a lasting impression. His chosen medium for showcasing his artistry is through prints, allowing admirers to experience the visual impact of his creations in all their glory. Prepare to be mesmerized by Brayden Maybury's unique artistic vision at the 'Underground' exhibition.

Tommy green/ DIstorted

Tommy Green, a dedicated crowd and street photographer, possesses a keen eye for capturing the enigmatic essence of Newcastle's underground rave scene. Using a raw and unfiltered film lens, he delves into the eccentric corners of this vibrant subculture, immortalizing its energy and spirit through his striking photography. His chosen medium for presenting his compelling work is through prints, ensuring that viewers can immerse themselves in the raw and unapologetic beauty of his captivating images. Get ready to embark on a visual journey through Newcastle's underground world as you explore Tommy Green's remarkable contributions at the 'Underground' exhibition

Kristen Zahra

Kris Zahra, a multi-talented individual, wears the hats of a designer, photographer, and artist, displaying a diverse range of creative disciplines. At the 'Underground' exhibition hosted by AMARIS, Zahra is set to captivate attendees with their latest foray into the world of woodcarving. With a unique and distinctive style, their woodcarvings promise to be a highlight of the event. Alongside these masterpieces, Kris Zahra will also showcase their artistic prowess through prints, ensuring a delightful and immersive experience for art enthusiasts. Prepare to be enthralled by the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship in Kris Zahra's captivating exhibits at the exhibition.

Demi Hampstead

Demi Hampstead, an accomplished impressionist painter hailing from Port Stephens, possesses a profound passion for capturing the female form through her unique artistic lens. Her exquisite work revolves around raw and impressionistic still life and portraits, each brushstroke conveying a powerful narrative. Utilizing the timeless medium of painting on canvas, Demi's artworks come to life, reflecting her distinctive perspective on the beauty and essence of the female body. At the 'Underground' exhibition, prepare to be enthralled by Demi Hampstead's evocative masterpieces, each painting telling a captivating story of its own.

Luka Forman

Luka Forman, a skilled graphic designer and photographer, finds inspiration in the captivating world of street photography and vintage-inspired poster art. Embracing a unique approach, Luka's creations seamlessly blend traditional Swiss design principles with a touch of rawness and dry wit, resulting in art that speaks volumes. Through the medium of prints, Luka Forman's work comes to life, inviting viewers to explore the convergence of classic design and contemporary expression. Prepare to embark on a visual journey that intertwines nostalgia and modernity as you discover Luka Forman's designs.

Sean Pobie

Meet Sean Pobie, the visionary founder and skilled jeweller behind AMARIS. With a passion for preserving traditional methods of silver engraving, Sean's craftsmanship shines through as he meticulously etches his distinctive illustrations onto the faces of signet rings and other jewellery pieces. Seamlessly blending the worlds of art and jewellery, Sean's medium spans both prints and intricate, handcrafted jewellery. Each piece a testament to the beauty of merging artistic expression with the elegance of fine craftsmanship.