Size Guide

The best possible way to find your size is to head to your local jeweller. They will be able to measure your finger accurately to avoid getting the wrong size. 
This is highly recommended for those wanting a custom order. 
Another way to find your ring size can be done at home using some string or strip of paper, scissors, ruler and pencil.
STEP 1: The first thing you want to do if using paper is to cut it into a 1cm wide long strip. 
STEP 2: Wrap the paper or string around the finger and tighten till firm. You then want to mark where the string over laps with a pencil.
STEP 3: Measure the paper strip or string from end to mark in millimetres. This measurement is the inside circumference of your intended finger.
STEP 4: Repeat steps 1,2,3 to double check! Then find your size on our size chart.
OTHER METHOD: Is to use our ring sizers received with every ring order.
See instructions below. 


The fit of your ring is best when it doesn't come off too easily. The ring should slide over the knuckle tightly to rest comfortably and snug on the finger. If knuckles are much larger then finger, measure both the knuckle and finger to find a size that falls in between the two measurements. Do not stress if you can't get a ring back over the knuckle with dry fingers, water and soap will slide it off with ease.

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